Monday, July 18, 2016

Iowa Hill

By Stefan Schlick

Directions: Iowa Hill is an area south of Cornelius, OR, that offers pretty decent overall birding. In downtown Cornelius, turn on S 10th Ave which will turn into Golf Course Rd. At the T (Forest Grove Golf Course), turn west onto Iowa Hill Rd. From there, one can generally make the following loop: Iowa Hill Rd, Dober Rd, Riedweg Rd and Johnson School Rd. Gnos Rd can be good - the ravine on the right coming up sometimes yields Yellow-breasted Chat. Another good detour is Firdale Rd where the house at 33520 often has Western Bluebird. Watch and listen for Chipping Sparrows in the filbert orchards along Riedweg Rd. Lazuli Bunting can be numerous in the clover fields near the intersection of Dober & Riedweg.

Targets: Chipping Sparrow, Western Bluebird, Lazuli Bunting

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