Monday, July 18, 2016

Finding specialty birds in Washington Co

By Stefan Schlick

Ruffed Grouse - Johnson Rd, near Timber

Sooty Grouse - Around Timber (mostly lower elevation), South Saddle Mountain (near top)

Mountain Quail - Johnson Rd, around Timber (mostly lower elevation), South Saddle Mountain (near top), Hayward Rd gated roads

Acorn Woodpecker - Emma Jones WA, snag row on south side of Dawson Creek community park (behind the Hillsboro Library), Pacific University, Rogers Park in Forest Grove

Hairy Woodpecker - South Saddle Mountain, around Timber, Hagg Lake

Hammond's Flycatcher - Near the top of South Saddle Mountain, Reeher's Camp, higher elevations on Round Top

Cassin's Vireo - Lee Rd at Hagg Lake, Tualitin Hills Nature Park, Buxton trailhead of Banks-Vernonia Linear Trail

American Dipper - Creek crossing just west of Reeher's Camp - Timber, Scoggins Valley Picnic Area - Hagg Lake

Common Nighthawk - Timber Rd, Larch Mountain (hike off the end of Storey Burn Rd)

Townsend's Solitaire - High elevation clearcuts near Timber, South Saddle Mountain

Western Bluebird - Iowa Hill, coast range clearcuts including Hagg Lake, Johnson Rd, Timber and South Saddle Mountain, easiest probably at Cooper Mountain Nature Park

Yellow-breasted Chat - Hagg Lake, Metro Wetland along Fernhill Rd just over a mile from Springhill Rd

Chipping Sparrow - Gales Creek, filbert orchards on Iowa Hill

Bullock's Oriole - Jackson Bottom visitor center, Pacific University campus

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