Monday, July 18, 2016

Croeni/Jacobson ponds

Originally by Greg Gillson, updated by Stefan Schlick

General directions: From Hwy 26, take Cornelius Pass exit, north 0.7 miles to NW Jacobson Rd, west 0.5 miles to NW Croeni Rd, north 0.3 miles to NW Westmark Dr.

Alternate directions: One pond at the intersection of NW Croeni Rd and NW Westmark Dr.

Another pond just west of the intersection of NW Jacobson Rd and NW Croeni Rd.

Street parking in this low-traffic new industrial area.

Habitats: Two mitigation ponds, variously referred to as Croeni Pond, Jacobson Pond, Westmark Pond.

Season: spring and fall

Comments: The habitat is rarely right for shorebirds, but especially in winter, Greater Yellowlegs can be present. 1-2 pairs of Lazuli Bunting can be north of the Westmark & Croeni. Either ponds often have Virginia Rail and Sora.

Some years, the area can have several wintering raptors including Northern Harrier and Rough-legged Hawk (rare). Horned Larks singing in spring 2002 over industrial fields prior to construction.

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